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“Kay, the girl with all the flyest sneakers that could dress!"

She has always been known as “Kay, the girl with all the flyest sneakers that could dress." Growing up, she played basketball with dreams of playing for Pat Summit, coach of the Tennessee Vols. Her love for fashion took over after tearing her ACL. For as long as Kay could remember, she loved shoes and clothes! Kay started designing clothes in 2011.

The first clothing line was called “SupaFlii King Clothing”. Over time, Kay felt the name was too long; which lead her to changing it to “Flii King Clothing”. Kay quickly grew bored with “Flii King Clothing” and felt that she needed a name that better represented where she was going next in fashion and in her life.

In 2012, Kay moved to Memphis with a friend and together they created “Kraze Array” which meant Wild and Impressive Garments. Kraze Array was short-lived when Kay's mom grew ill which required Kay to move closer to her in Nashville, TN.

From 2012 to 2015, Kay found herself navigating through things she didn't know she could handle. This new found strength birthed "Fazzu." 

“Fazzu” means Phasing Through Life”.

Kay felt the name Fazzu was perfect for what she was phasing through; Fazzu also connected the collectives universally. She could see Fazzu on a shirt, a suit jacket, and travel bags. "Kay the Stylist" and Designer of Fazzu started to take on a Global mission that connected the culture. Kay started to realize that Fazzu represented something bigger than her and it deserved to be displayed all over the world! Kay thought to herself, who isn’t phasing through life? As a black woman she also believed that her people needed something positive and more meaningful to wear and be proud of. It's another cultural reminder of how far we have come. Through every phase beginning with our ancestors, we’ve proven to be resilient time after time. Everything that Kay went through before creating Fazzu lead her to her purpose by phasing through and never quitting. 

My mom would always say “everything is going to be alright” which is a daily reminder to keep going! I am proud to be the representation of something so powerful and life changing. 
Remember, it’s not what you go through, it’s what you phase through. Heal and grow through every phase. Fazzu. - Kay Elliott The Stylist
Kay Elliott Talks Fazzu And Fashion 
 video credit - Nortography / IG: @nortography


Whether you're booking Kay Elliott to style you or inquiring about Fazzu. Kay is guaranteed to provide a level of service that is missed in the in the industry. Kay is confident that she can take your personal style, expression, and confidence to the next level.


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